Journey to Zoe

Thursday, July 07, 2005

One Week and Counting

Here we are one week out. We had our 2 hour travel conference call today discussed everything from shopping, time changes, church, food, hotels, you name it we covered it. The time change is 15 hours ahead of Pacific Time.

We leave PDX on Thursday the 14th. We will be on a 10.5 hour flight to Tokyo, then another 4 hour flight to Beijing. We will be in Beijing from Friday night until Monday the 18th - early am "Gotcha Day". We will take an incountry flight Monday morning from Beijing to Hunan (Changsha, I believe). We will have about an hour or two to settle into our hotel room before "Gotcha Day" - when we get Zoe. We will have about 5 days of paperwork, shopping and touring. We then leave Saturday morning for Guangzhou, where we will be until 7/29. Here we will do more paperwork, have her medical exam and consulate appointments and do more shopping and touring. (Some amount of paperwork is done every business day, and it takes about two weeks to get everything in order, we spend the left over time each day doing the tours and shopping.)

Right now we are trying to finish up the last few things in preparation for the trip as well as really spending some quality time with Jack and Maddy as they are starting to show signs of concern and stress.

The following is my prayer list should you feel led to pray for us:

* Jack and Maddy enjoy their time with Grandma when we are gone and do not miss us too much.

* That they adjust well and quickly to Zoe's arrival and the attention that she will require.

* Bill and I have a safe and smooth trip re flights, food and health. (I am a picky eater and dehydration is a concern for all on this trip)

* That Zoe adjusts well to us and starts to attach to us quickly.

* That she does not have high lead levels in her blood (many children from her orphanage who have been adopted have had serious levels of lead in their system)

* That God would give Bill and I wisdom on how to best care for Zoe and her needs as well as Jack and Maddy's needs.


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