Journey to Zoe

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Shopping in Guangzhou

Wow! Lots to buy, many places to buy from, and much bartering to do. This was the first day - I would say we did soso at the bartering thing - Bill was surprised since I do it well for business. But this just felt different. I see these people's apartments and know the average income, it just makes it harder. Tomorrow is another shopping day, so maybe I will do better.

This is a very busy city, seems to be the fashion capital of China, clothing and shoes EVERYWHERE! The island we go to for many of our appointments is very catered to the adoptive families, all girl items for sale.

Bill bought a Batman Returns DVD, really excited to watch it, but when we put it in, it was in Russian - oops! There went a whole $1.50.

Zoe has her medical exam tomorrow - pretty much just a formality, but I am anxious to see her weight.

Looking forward to coming home soon. We really miss Jack and Maddy and of course our family and friends.


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