Journey to Zoe

Sunday, July 10, 2005

More Preparations

Sunday Morning - My list of things that we have left to do has doubled in the last 24 hours as I continue to remember misc things that need to be done.

The first members of our travel group left today for Beijing. That couple wanted a few extra days in China for touring. Our group consists of 48 families total. Including the babies and extra family members and friends that are coming along with some, brings our total party to well over 150 people. We will all be together for the Beijing part of our trip, then we split up. Our travel group then shrinks down to approximately 50 people including babies.

We have heard that temperatures are over 100 degrees with more than 80% humidity - yikes!!

Our day today:

After church today Bill and I will attend our last Waiting Families meeting before we leave. This has been a wealth of information for us. In the past we have learned about how to pack, what to expect from the trip, the Chinese people, our baby, resource tools, have had a speaker from the CCAA, (the organization in China which matches babies and families), the list goes on. Today we will be hearing from and watching a movie about adoptees, international and interracial - this should be interesting.

After that Bill and I will have our last date night before we become a family of five.


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