Journey to Zoe

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tuesday - Temple Visit, shopping and baby shower

Well, Zoe is having a bit of a better day today, still not back to where she was with Bill, but we are working on it. Part of the problem, is she does not know how to play, we have to work at showing her what to do with toys, then she enjoys it.

On our drive to the temple we saw some locals working on the grounds of the temple, laying bricks for walking paths - their only tool was a stick. There is a lot of construction work in all the cities we have been in, hardly any machinery tools are used. We did however see a jack hammer here in Guangzhou.

The temple had alot of amazing pieces of hand carved art wood, ivory and jade, as well as additional embroidery pieces.

We went shopping to a wholesale children's clothing market. It was just like going to a trade show, but specific to children's clothing and everyone spoke Chinese. We were able to buy a few things, but not everyone was selling samples, and we were able to barter pretty well here.

Later in the afternoon we had a baby shower for our 15 families. That was fun. We also said goodbye to two great couples that we met on the trip that will be leaving early in the morning. We hope to stay in touch with them.


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