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Monday, July 11, 2005

Three days left

Well, yesterday's waiting family meeting was great. The video we watched was about three adult adoptee's. Two from Korea and one from India - all girls. They were all interviewed seperately, but still all had very similar experiences and emotions. The biggest thing that they all experienced and really hurt them growing up was strangers and acquaintences constantly asking questions or looking at them differently. It always reinforced in them that they were different and didn't necessarily belong or fit into the family that they had come to love. Of course it wasn't true, but when you are a child and you don't feel any different because it is the only family you have had the things people say and do really do affect and can mold your ideas, thoughts and character. This will be a challenge for us. The other thing that was very big for all the women was trying to identify the mystery of their heritage and birth family and somehow bringing that culture into their life and who they are today. Once all the women did that they really seemed to have some closure and were more confident in who they were. All of them rejected anything from their country when they were children, as it reinforced the differences between them and their family and they did not want any part of it - none of them were ready until they were adults. All of them said they think they would have been more open if they had been more exposed before junior high school.

Prayer Requests - I have been experiencing some physical things similar to before I had Jack and Maddy - sounds really strange I know. Not uncommon though from what I have heard. Anyway, I get run down really easy, my energy and endurance is very minimal. I am getting headaches and by the end of the day am dizzy and tired. This CANNOT happen in China or once we are home - please pray for this to stop. I need enery like never before, strength, physical and emotional. A strong stomach and the wisdom to listen to my body and take care of it.

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