Journey to Zoe

Thursday, July 28, 2005

We leave for home today!

Yesterday was the swearing in appointment with the US consulate. Now, as soon as Zoe hits US soil, she is an American citizen. We finished up our shopping yesterday and went to bed early. We all had melatonin, Zoe had a tiny tiny amount, was asleep within 10 minutes and is still sleeping 9 hours later. Bill and I didn't take our full dosage and we both had trouble falling asleep, the excitement of going home and the massive construction right outside our window. Oh well. We should still be tired enough to sleep on the long flight.

Today - Guangzhou to Tokyo, Tokyo to Portland. We will leave at 8:20am Friday morning and home just 30 minutes later on the same day.

Can't wait to see everyone. Unsure yet whether or not we will be at church Sun - I hope so, although I probably won't be leaving Zoe in the nursery yet.


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