Journey to Zoe

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

We leave tomorrow!!

Well, I woke up today just before 5am - Tired, but not really able to sleep. Today will be a day full of finishing up multiple things at the house, taking Maddy to the dr unexpectedly and spending some fun and quality time with the kids and some friends.

I expect to get up in the morning at about 3am in an attempt to start switching over to the time change. Bill may try this too - we will see. I figure if we do this and sleep just three or four hours on the plane, we should be exhausted enough once we get to the hotel to go right to sleep - unless of course we are too excited and curious about our new surroundings - hmm Zoe might go through that too.

I have been warned by many previous adoptive parents that the travel and adjustment back home are far worse. More than likely Bill, Zoe and myself will all be on an opposite schedule to Jack and Maddy. I guess we will have some exhaustive days at home after all - instead of late night feedings and physical exhaustion for having had a baby - it will be jet lag for the three of us, and staying up in the day to take care of our other two precious ones. Shouldn't last more than a week or so.

Well, I am off to start my day - more tomorrow.


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